Famous pictures on internet which are actually fake


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WEB DESK: Internet is funny yet an embracing place at the same time. It makes anything viral within minutes without knowing the sources behind. Moreover, with increased advancement, editing photos has become very common. And, this is what the actual reason behind internet’s some really famous images.

Have a look!

The island castle or the castle island

-© facebook   © pixabay   © pixabay

-© facebook © pixabay © pixabay

This unique castle has caught everyone’s eye and appreciated by many, once this went viral on internet. But, it was nothing than someone’s brilliant photoshop skills who made people believe it.

 A fruit to die for

-© naturalchocolate

-© naturalchocolate

You may have seen this pleasant colour fruit countless times on internet. It has many names such as: blue moon, Japanese or Chinese etc but sadly this thing doesn’t exist.

Big Bang Theory

-© snopes

-© snopes

A picture of prominent scientist, Albert Einstein riding a bicycle near nuclear explosion got really fame on internet and we have found mixed comments in regard to this picture. And, we are regret fully saying that this picture is listed among fake pictures too.

Fear makes the bear bigger than he is

-© gizmodo

-© gizmodo

This is that one cute image that we are sure make everyone smile every time they see it. Yes, shooting in wild isn’t an easy task as crew has to face different sort of problems. But, this picture is edited which can be tell by looking at the shape of the bear’s head and a patch of grass on its right front paw.

The legendary title screen

-© reddit   © pikabu

-© reddit © pikabu

This photo of famous Metro Goldwyn Mayer roaring lion caught attention of many some found it funny while wildlife protectors showed aggression on the treatment the lion had to gone through. However, later it was found out that this image was too fake and this lion was actually prepared for MRI.

 Black is white, white is black

-© paulie-svk   © hoaxes

-© paulie-svk © hoaxes

The world went crazy when they witnessed beautiful black beast (lion) unaware of the fact that black lions did exist in reality and this photo is probably edited.

Now this is awkward

-© freewoodpost   © slappedham

-© freewoodpost © slappedham

This image of former President of US, George W. Bush, Jr holding the book upside down convinced people about his unstable mental health which was all made up as this picture was photoshopped too.

Airborne selfie

-© quora   © an-aviation

-© quora © an-aviation

It is safe to say that this image got immense response from people. This was never taken in the sky but it was all editing skills and yes, the original one is cool as well.

Source: Bright Side