Easy and quick tips to keep your feet fresh and relax


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WEB DESK: Keeping your feet and toe nails clean is not just hygienic but it is relaxing too. This practice makes your feet look fresh. Besides wearing comfortable footwear, there are these tips which everyone should follow because after all those hours of work and burden you deserve to relax a little bit. 

Keep your feet dry

-© pixabay /   © depositphotos

-© pixabay / © depositphotos

It is essential to prevent your feet from any infection or fungus. Hence, dry your feet after shower immediately. Plus, don’t wear same socks or shoes regularly and don’t wear shoes for longer hours as it will make your feet sweat and smell which is not healthy.

Trim toenails properly

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© depositphotos

It is suggested to trim your nails straight not round as it will avoid any sort of irritation. Plus, don’t trim it too short as well. Don’t cut cuticle but gently pushed it back with a organewood stick.

Healthy toenails 

-Bright Side

-Bright Side

Keeping toenails healthy or treating ingrown toenail can be dealt with this simple procedure:

  • Soak you feet in warm water for good 15-20 minutes.
  • Gently place dental floss under the edge of nail, lift it up real carefully to avoid any pain or irritation.
  • Next step is to treat this area with antiseptic, and bandage to prevent it from getting infected.
  • Repeat the process until the area healed properly.

Relax Feet

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-© flickr / © wikimedia commons / © maxpixel

For relaxed and fresh feet, a common yet most useful tip is always suggested. Soak your feet in warm water for at least 20 minutes, add baking soda, essential oil and shower gel into it. Rub your heels and feet with pumice stone to get rid of dead skin. Plus, you can use foot scrub too.


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-© depositphotos

Never underestimate the power of moisturizers. Make it a habit and apply it daily. However, avoid moisturizing between toes just to avoid infection or fungus.

Feet massage 

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-© depositphotos

Lastly, foot massage is highly suitable to treat fatigue and proper blood circulation. There are special tools are available for it. Plus, any ordinary tennis ball or round object can do the job too. All you would need to place it under your foot and roll it back and forth from toes to heels.

Source: Bright Side