Cost of Queen Elizabeth’s nail polish will shock you




WEB DESK: As we all know, Queen Elizabeth II has power over British Parliament. She can order anything anywhere. But, Despite of her higher rank, she keeps a keen eye on budget. 

Because she is Queen and she needs to pay an extra attention to everything linked to her and so does on her appearance. Talking about her persona, her majesty is very concerned about her nail polish.

The Queen prefers only one colour, which is light pink, looks almost nude. It could be her personal likeness towards the shade which no doubt goes well with her signature neon outfits.

Now, you must be thinking about this particular pink shade and of course about its cost. It must be high end product since it is Queen’s favorite, well you are wrong here, as this particular nude pink shade costs only $9 a bottle (7.99 pounds in England) which is ridiculously affordable.

Since it is so affordable, we would definitely want one for us too!

Source: Reader’s Digest