Cooking guidelines for Ramazan Diary


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 Ramazan is here once again ALHUMDULILLAH! And like ever before, there would be lots of cooking in this Ramazan.

Everyone wants best iftar after having fast of several hours. Therefore, we often get a little extravagant in cooking during Ramazan. But unfortunately in Ramazan most of our sisters spent their time in kitchen cooking sehri and iftaar for family.

Ramadan is indeed a month of blessings but these blessings are not just restricted to your stomach. The objective of fasting whole Ramazan is gaining Taqwa and you can’t do that if you don’t feel the pain of hunger.

Don’t waste your precious time standing for hours in the kitchen. Thus this article would be giving you some fine cooking tips for Ramazan.

1) Keep everything as simple as possible. Don’t cook anything extra. Focus on ibaadat, rather than food.

2) Search for fun, simple and quick recipes for Ramazan. It may take a long time to find quick, simple and good recipes but your time would be well spent as it is only the starting of this holly month.

3) Do less frying. It takes a lot of time and it’s not healthy any way.

4) 2-3 simple items in iftaar or saher would be enough. It’s not necessary to decorate the whole table with food.

5) A good sweet dish in every iftaar in not much important.  You can balance the need of sweet dish with dates and other fresh fruits.

6) Minimize extravagant outings, meals at restaurants etc. Cook at home. Save your money in giving more charity.

7) Do invite people at iftaar and sehri, have dinners, but the key is same, invest or spend according to your ability. Do not try to be extravagant. And try to get some spiritual benefit out of it even if you just share one hadith with them.

8) Don’t forget to put an intention while cooking that you are making iftar for a fasting person, even if it is your husband and children.

9) Listen to a lesson or Quran while cooking. Or simply just make any zikr or tasbeehat, try not to waste any time.

10) Eat a balance diet. Don’t try to rush over food. In taking moderate quantity of food in Iftaar keeps you healthy and active.