Chocolate Mousse


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  • 100 gm- Chocolate
  • ¼ -Milk
  • 50 gm -Butter
  • 3 –Eggs
  • 1tsps -Cocoa powder
  • 75 gm -Sugar
  • 1tsps –Gelatin
  • 200 gm – Fresh cream
  • 3cup -Castor sugar
  • Sour cream and chocolate curl -for serving

Direction to make:

  1. Melt chocolate in a heat proof bowl over low heat.
  2. Add milk, cocoa powder and butter and mix well.
  3. Beat egg with castor sugar until it becomes fluffy.
  4. Add vanilla essence in egg.
  5. Combine chocolate mixture with egg and fold.
  6. Add gelatin gradually.
  7. Whip fresh cream and fold into mixture
  8. Refrigerate it until well set and chilled before serving.
  9. Garnish with whip cream and chocolate curl.