Aitzaz concerned at ‘prolonged’ investigation


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Senior leader of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and leader of the Opposition in Senate, Senator Aitzaz Ahsan has expressed his concerns over ‘prolonged’ investigation by Joint Investigation Team (JIT).

Talking to media persons here on Saturday, Aitzaz Ahsan said that interrogation could be completed in two hours but it was matter of concern that the JIT continues to question Hassan and Hussain Nawaz for six to seven hours.

He stressed the need of wrapping up the JIT investigation and said the interrogation must be concluded in days instead of stretching it to months which will make its transparency doubtful.

The PPP Senator alleged that the ruling leadership afraid of accountability was using different tactics to create hurdles in proceeding of JIT investigation and national institutions were being used for the purpose. Nehal Hashmi’s speech was also meant to create hurdle in investigation of JIT, Aitzaz blamed.

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