You may never through away garlic, onion peels after reading this



Onion and garlic are among the most commonly used vegetables in all world cuisines, which speaks a lot about their unique taste and numerous health benefits.

But, they are not only good for cooking and healing health issues, but they are also useful for some beauty purposes.

When using these spices, we usually peel its skin and throw it right away. Many people assume that they cannot be eaten and they are nothing, but waste. However, they never realized how nutritious they are and the properties they have that are vital for the body.

Garlic skin actually contain antioxidants that can combat free radicals. It has also antioxidant that slows down the aging process. Similar with the cloves, the skin can also boost the function of immune system, and can help in lowering the cholesterol level.

Onion is also a great source of antioxidant. In fact, the skin has more antioxidants than the flesh itself. It also contains quercetin, a flavonol that can reduce blood pressure and prevent plaques in the arteries. It is also rich in fiber that can aid in digestion, prevents heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

What’s important is, you are using the skin of organic peels to make sure that you are getting the right benefits. Otherwise, you will be consuming the pesticides from the conventional spices. So, make sure that the onion or garlic is produced naturally.

In addition, if you are currently taking medications that can cause conflict with these ingredients, it’s not advisable to use onion or garlic skins.

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