Which mineral can protect your bones after calcium ?


-Best Health Magazine Canada

WEB DESK: When it comes to protecting bones, calcium ( in any form) is suggested. Calcium along with vitamin D has greater value than other minerals as it is essential for over all health. 

However, according to a new research, published in European Journal of Epidemiology, ‘magnesium’ could be helpful in fractures. 

It was proved in earlier studies that magnesium supports bone growth. After studying data, collected for over 20 years on 2,245. It was figured out by the investigators of Finland and Britain that men with greater magnesium have less risk of fractures.

Experts says, “It works with bone building cells (aka osteoblasts), and works in conjunction with vitamin D and parathyroid hormone to keep calcium levels normal, and fracture risk low. Medical factors affecting magnesium absorption include inflammatory bowel disease (or other chronic diarrhea problems), kidney insufficiency or certain medications.”

The experts also suggested how much magnesium should one needs to take in a day. For women it is 320 mg and for males 420 mg for men. Also, there are food items that contains rich amount of magnesium are nuts and seeds, especially almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts and cashews are rich in magnesium. Other food sources include oatmeal, milk, peanut butter, spinach, broccoli, peas and beets.

Note: Above article is taken from Reader’s Digest and it is for information only. In case of an emergency please visit your doctor.