What made AB de Villiers hid love letters in the roof of his house?

South African star batsman AB de Villiers recently revealed his love for something that he had within him since he was a child and surprisingly it has nothing to do with a bat or ball.  

AB divulged his love for writing letters, which he developed at a young age and over the years the craving to write a ‘romantic’ letters only grew stronger.

In a light hearted moment AB shared his childhood memories where he used to write love letters to almost every other girl that he liked. However, all of these letters suffer the same fate with ending up on his house roof, unread.

“I have a few memories of writing from back in the day when I was growing up and in school. I was a bit of a romantic and the minute I could start writing, I wrote a letter to every girl that I liked in school,” .

“But I was always too scared to give it to her. So I ended up climbing onto the roof of our house and hiding the letter up there. There ended up being about 27-30 letters hidden on the roof of my house at the end of my school career. All of them I was too scared to (to send) the girls I like, all of them unread,” he continued.

AB de Villiers revealed that as he gathered courage as the years passed by and made better use of his writing skills.

“When I got older and got married, I decided to use all that energy to write some letters to my wife.

“Just the other day when she left from India to go back to South Africa, I hid a letter in her passport so that she could read it when she got to the airport.

“I got a text message from her a day or two later when she reached home saying how much that meant to her.”

AB De Villiers added that he is expecting a second child with his wife in the coming months but plans on carrying on with his cricket career as long as possible with his next target being the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy in England and Wales.