Useful tips to prepare yourself for holy Ramazan approaching on Sunday


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ISLAMABAD: As the holy month of Ramazan approaches, one has to take proper eating and drinking habits as this holy month is approaching in blistering heat of summer season.

According to a health report on a news channel, fasting replenishes and detoxifies the body by removing toxins and gives a boost to the immune system,but fasting in this sweltering heat for 15 hours is going to be a challenge for a lot of people.

However, health experts believe that preparing for this change in routine will make it easier for people to adapt to fasting and will prevent exhaustion that usually occurs during the first few fasts.

Few useful tips to prepare yourself for Ramazan are :

1. Reducing meals to smaller quantities before the start of Ramazan will help prepare you to go without food for longer periods.

2. Start having your breakfast meal early, if possible earlier than usual, so that you find it easier to make the transition.

3. Start waking up an hour before Fajr and then go back to sleep in order to mimic your Ramazan routine.

4. Try avoid having snacks between these meals in order to reduce the urge to nibble on something during the day.

5. Start practicing now reducing smoking during the day and it will get used to getting through half the day without smoking.

6. Start reducing your caffeine intake during the day if you do not want to have a severe headache due to caffeine withdrawal and the most importantly, if you are apprehensive about your ability to fast due to disease or some other physical reason, it would be a good idea to consult a doctor about whether fasting is safe for your health or not.—APP