Unbelievable: Activated charcoal might work well on skin



WEB DESK: It is becoming a trend to use beauty products have activated charcoal in them. To activate a charcoal, it needs to be exposed to high temperatures and a gas such as oxygen.

It is bizarre to believe that charcoal can work well on skin. Doctors usually utilized charcoal to eliminate toxins from patients who are overdosed. And it is believed that if a it can remove toxins from stomach then it can do the same on skin.

MD, a dermatologist based in Pasadena, California, and assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA, Ivy Lee suggests,”If it purifies toxins in our GI tracts it will probably purify toxins on our skin as well,” she says. “The tough thing is, there’s not evidence for this. There’s no scientific evidence that it purifies the skin.”

Moreover, an activated charcoal could be a good middle ground between gentle cleansers and harsh acne treatments. Ivy adds, “Prescription-strength retinoids are fairly drying, and charcoal may not be as drying as something like that, or even some over-the-counter retinoids.”

According to experts, “Active charcoal is great because there is a very natural element to it,” she says, “but by the same token, if you have very severe acne, you’re not necessarily doing yourself a service by not seeking out potentially more effective treatments.”

Source: Reader’s Digest