Sonu Nigam quits twitter with reasons


WEB DESK: The well-known name of Indian music industry Sonu Nigam was in continuous news last month due to his comment on Azan (call to prayer). However, the singer has deleted his twitter account. 

Nigam posted a thread of tweets giving reasons behind his decision “I bid adieu to Twitter and my close to 7 Million followers today, leaving most Disappointed and angry at me, and some Sadists Happy.” but he was trending all day.

The singer maintained his view on controversy for which he was criticized for days and it then became the political issue as he said,“People blessing you on one hand; and some wishing Death upon you.”

Sonu Nigam also appealed and encouraged people to indulge themselves in sensible conversation.

Lastly, the singer ridicule what most people do on twitter by saying “People getting married? You can actually know the entire Psychology & Class of a Partner by just going through his Twitter Time line.” The singer bid farewell to twitter on this lighter note.

Source: DNA India