Signs of blood clotting that everyone should know !!



WEB DESK: Regular blood flow is essential and it is a healthy sign that it flows without any medication. However, there’s this thing called blood clotting which is not healthy and one should stay aware of that too. How to know if your blood clots ? Here are symptoms for everyone. 

Limb Swelling

There’s one kind of blood clotting called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). In DVT, oxygen go into the important organs which result in poor blood circulation. Moreover, it results in swelling if it is in one limb, it is DVT.

Chest Pain and Heavy Breathing

These symptoms should never be ignored. If anyone is experiencing both, he/she may be suffering with blood clotting in their lungs. In such severe case, an immediate medical checkup is suggested.

A cough without cold or vomiting 

A regular cough without being sick or common cold is alarming it could be blood clotting in body. However, don’t ignore it and go to doctor for complete checkup. Moreover, if a person vomits severely, during any time of the year, it should be treated immediately as it could be a sign of blood clotting in the abdomen.

Severe, Chronic headaches

Constant chronic headaches, blurry vision and inability to speak, are signs of blood clotting. This may lead towards a severe neurological problem. Hence, treat it right away.

Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath along with dizziness, racing heart, fluttering sensation in the chest, all indicates clotting into lungs. The situation is alarming if all of the above symptoms are occurring together.

Note: Above article was taken from and it is for information only. Kindly consult to your physician in case of an emergency.