Salman Khan reveals his hidden talent on sets of Tubelight



WEB DESK: We all are well aware of Salman Khan aka Dabang Khan’s acting skills but very few know that Khan is a man of multiple talents. 

The Sultan actor did justice to every role he is assigned to. Moreover, his ability to make you laugh on screen shouldn’t be underestimated. But what is this hidden talent that Khan never prefers to talk about ?

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It is his painting skills. Although, Khan never claimed himself a painter but he creates masterpieces occasionally. Recently, on the sets of Tubelight, the Dabang actor made a phenomenal art work and we are wondering why Khan never open up about his exceptional painting skills.

-Indian Express

-Indian Express

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In addition, the Dabang Khan of B-town usually kept his painting work at his Panvel farmhouse. He gifts them to his fellow industry members and some of the great art work is auctioned and the collected funds are dedicated for his NGO – Being Human.

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The forthcoming movie Tubelight is produced by him and his mother Salma Khan. Kabir Khan is directing it and cast includes Sohail Khan, Salman Khan and Zhu Zhu. The film is said to be released world wide on Eid.

Source: Indian Express