Role of NEA in country’s development


National Energy Administration (NEA) is responsible for formulating and implementing energy development plans and industrial policies.

NEA is also responsible for promoting institutional reform in the energy sector; administering energy sectors including coal, oil, natural gas, power (including nuclear power), new and renewable energy and etc.; taking charge of energy conservation, comprehensive utilization of resources in the energy sector; guiding scientific and technological advancement; organizing and carrying out the R&D of important equipment and guiding the assimilation and innovation of imported complete sets of major equipment; organizing and coordinating key energy-related demonstration projects and promoting the deployment of new products, new technologies and new equipments; approving, reviewing, or examining fixed asset investment projects of the energy sector within national plans and the scale of annual plans in accordance with the authority stipulated by the State Council.

NEA is conducting energy forecasting and precaution and participating in energy operation coordination and emergency preparedness; formulating and implementing national oil reserve plans and polices; taking the lead in launching international energy cooperation; participating in the formulation of policies related to energy such as resources, finance and taxation, environment protection, and addressing climate change; making recommendations on energy price adjustment and imports and exports aggregate; and undertaking the daily work of the National Energy Commission. -PR