Residents of Peshawar can now register sanitation complaints through an app



WEB DESK: It is pleasant to see innovation rapidly taking places all over country and now KPK has come up with another one. The residents of Peshawar can now register their complaints through an application. 

It is indeed a much indeed initiative due to grave sanitation conditions. Moreover, a sound development has been made by Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP) and now people can make complaints through their phones. They have introduced an app “Safa Peshawar” so that residents can register their complains regarding water supply, sanitation and garbage.

Also, these complains are monitored by Management Information System (MIS). These complains will be forwarded to concerned officials and then they will resolve the matter.

Further, WSSP utilizes the heat map to identify actual time and frequency of complains. It is basically a system to manage digital traffic which enable everyone a user enters in the app by creating a map of dots. This map tracks performance of the app and the records of complaints.

In addition, the “Safa Peshawar” is the collective effort of KPITB, World Bank and Code for Pakistan. Lastly.  this program launch event was organized by PC hotel Peshawar, prominent people, Chief Minister KPK, CEO WSSP and UNICEF chief attended the event.