Power of charity during the month of Ramazan


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Giving has always brought out the best in people. Throughout the decades, people required different opportunities to give back to human kind. Every once a year month of Ramazan comes and is always be the special moment for the believers.

One, who acknowledges how many sins he has committed, will have no other feeling but happiness and joy in welcoming the Ramadan because of all the salvation that he can get from Almight. Charity is one of the best and most honored deeds.If charity is given in Ramadan, then its reward will be doubled. It is known that moral deeds done in Ramazan are distinct from those performed in other months.

The excellence of generosity:

Almighty Allah praises and promises plentiful rewards for those who spend their money openhandedly in giving charity. However, there are hundreds of indications that tell about merits of the charity giver in Quranic Verses and Hadiths. These countless merits altogether are just for this one deed of giving alms and charities. Thus, it is very awkward for those who already knew about those indications but their hearts are still unmoved and their hands are still away from increasing their alms.

The Power of giving charity in the month of Ramazan:

One of the reason why the messenger of Allah prophet Mohammad PBUH gave an example to be haste in giving alms during the month Ramadan is because the virtues and rewards of giving alms in this month is far better than the other months. Some of the merits of giving charity during month Ramazan are:

One who gives charity will be specially rewarded:

Fasting together with giving alms and performing the night prayer means the guarantee to enter the Paradise. The messenger of Allah Prophet PBUH told about the 7 groups of people who will get shade on the day where there is no shade but from Allah, that is the Last Day. One of the groups is those who give more and more charity to poor’s.

Giving alms during the month Ramadan is easier:

One of the virtue of giving alms in the month Ramadan is that during this month, people will be easier to perform righteous deeds, including giving charties too poor’s. It is undeniable that basically, men are easily seduced by Satan, who keeps on calling them to abandon the righteous deeds.Thus men become hesitant and lazy to perform righteous deeds. But during the month Ramadan, Allah makes His slaves easier to perform righteous deeds. So this is a chance to do good deeds and feed poor’s.

Giving Charity can erase one’s sins:

Giving Charity can erase one’s sins. If an Individual seeks forgiveness of Allah for his previous sins, it is the golden chance for him to do more charity in the Holy month of Ramazan. It is not as those who commit corruption, stealing, taking the wealth of the orphans, and before they do it, they have planned to give alms after it, so that their sins will be erased. This act is forbidden, because the doer will feel they’re safe from the assault of Allah, which is a big sin.

Giving alms gives bless to one’s wealth:

What is the meaning of not decreasing in wealth? Imam AnNawawee explained: “The scholars mentioned that it means two things: First, the wealth will be blessed and protected from dangers. Thus the decrease will be covered with this intangible bless. It can be felt by senses, and habits. Second, if in fact the wealth looks decreased, this decreasing will be covered by the rewards of giving alms, and the rewards indeed will be double-folded to many times.”

One who gives alms will be peaceful in his heart:

One who gives charity will automatically feels happy and satisfied in his heart. And in fact, this condition can be proven by ourselves, when we feel happy, proud and peace after giving charity to the needy. Imagine all the rewards which will be multiplied in Ramzan to 10 times. Moreover, if the charity perform fasting and the night prayer, he will get the guarantee to enter Paradise. And if he gives charity or alms in the form of foods for fast-breaking for the fasting ones, the rewards he already get from giving alms will be added further form the rewards of those who receive his alms. If they are more than one person, then the rewards will be multiplied more and more.

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