Partly Facetious: JIT summoned the First Son!


Hussain Nawaz.— File photo

“There is no logic, I mean basic logic should have dictated that the same principle be adhered to…”

“OK, so the Joint Investigation Team summoned the First Son before the court heard his plea challenging two of its members who allegedly had affiliations with his dad’s political rivals…but you know we are a highly political nation and I doubt if there are many serving officers, some of who get promoted on connections, will not have roots to some party or the other, if I recall correctly the Khan party mentioned someone important related to the First Daughter…”

“OK, but that is not what I was referring to…with respect to the budget…”

“I know what you mean… FM expanded the list of foreigners who can bring anything duty free into the country so that no one would accuse him of favouring the Qatari who wrote the letter submitted to the court claiming that he heard from his daddy that Mian sahib’s Abba Ji had business dealings…”

“I wasn’t aware that hearsay was admissible?”

“Oh stop being technical, we are a country of non-technicals here anyway while FM had to give a long list of those who can bring anything into this country duty free just to make sure no one would say this was specific to one Qatari national yet poultry farming was extended many tax benefits too and while an enterprising member of a well known family reportedly has gone into poultry farming or is considering entering that market….”

“FM did say it was because he liked chicken and wanted everyone to be able to afford chicken for Eid and…”

“Don’t be facetious…he is highly allergic to the word approver being mentioned in his presence and…”

“Ha ha ha. Anyway, if he is allergic the best cure is ephedrine, I take it for my allergies and…”

“I heard it is out of stock.”

“Perhaps Hanif Abbasi may have some, I am not sure…”

“Shush, anyway when I mentioned the lack of basic logic I was not referring to the budget but to the budgeteer…”


“The guy responsible for the budget and his dress sense: it’s a no-no to wear a printed shirt with a printed tie…it’s a bit much…”

“Don’t get personal.”

“I am not saying it: the Chartered Accounts of the UK said so!”

“You are so bad.”