PARTLY FACETIOUS: Hussain Nawaz’s plea


Hussain Nawaz.— File photo

“You reckon the plea taken by Hussain Nawaz against two members of the Joint Investigation Team and his refusal to answer their questions on Sunday was a good legal tactic?”

“Well, it failed, but one doesn’t know whether the plea was Hussain Nawaz’s brain wave or that of his lawyer?”

“What makes you say that?”

“I don’t think the First Family has shared any document with any of the lawyers they hired since the Panama Papers surfaced, take the case of the well-known very expensive Karachi lawyer.”

“The latest lawyer was once the Attorney General Punjab when the Junior Sharif was the Chief Minister and that to me shows that there is a bond there somewhere…”

“A D Khawaja serves as the IG Sindh and there should be bond there but is there?”

“The glue on that bond was painstakingly scraped away bit by bit and…”

“I thought it was more like simply breaking the joint in the bond…”

“Don’t be facetious; anyway, the PML-N has access to bad lawyers but win all the cases, the PPP has access to much better lawyers and they lose all their cases, and then there is the Khan – his lawyers need some refresher courses…”

“PML-N lawyers used to win all the cases and speaking of the Panama case it maybe their refusal to share information with their lawyers…”

“I heard from a good source that the Sharifs deal as dismissively with their lawyers as they used to with their accountants or is it auditors.”

“I don’t think Mian sahib cares for any professionals, only for family and unfortunately Mian sahib has only four children all married so the well has run dry.”

“He has many grandchildren, doesn’t he! Besides the Good Captain Hook…”

“Good Captain Hook?”

“The guy married to the First Daughter – he goes around with a question mark on his face these days…doesn’t know what’s happening around him and I hear he has begun comparing himself with Jared Kushner and…”

“Kushner is a confidante of the President, Captain Hook not so much.”

“Besides let the Good Captain forge ties with Russia and Putin, no let me make this easier for him, let him become a confidante of the family he has been married into for decades – cause I don’t think he has a clue about his wife’s real wealth.”

“That’s woman power a la Pakistan for you!”

“But she needs daddy…”

“Yes that is a major component of woman power in Pakistan.”