Non-maintenance of TB patients’ record to be penalized


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ISLAMABAD : National Assembly was informed Tuesday that persons involved in not maintaining the record of Tuberculosis patient shall have to face penalties under the law.

Parliamentary Secretary on Health Services Dr Darshan informed the House in response to a Calling Attention Notice that all practitioners have been directed to maintain record of tuberculosis patients and this practice is in vogue in Sindh and KP while the federal government is also in contact with other provincial governments.

He said the practitioners have been asked to immediately report the TB cases to District Authorities to maintain the record.

About medication of the patients of tuberculosis, he said in certain cases excessive medicine and antibiotics are used by tuberculosis patients as there is no law or regulations to manage use of such drugs.

He said the medicines to treat TB are seldom available in open market as this disease is usually treated at the government hospitals.

The Parliamentary Secretary said TB Cells, laboratories and medicines are being available at the government level as a proforma has been introduced by KP and Sindh governments to maintain record of TB patients. While, the Punjab and Balochistan governments and ICT administration are in the process of enacting certain laws for the purpose.

MNAs Asiya Naz Tanoli, Malik Shakir Bashir Awan and Nikhat Perveen Mir had drawn the attention of the Minister for National health Services, regulations and Coordination towards excessive prescription and use of antibiotics which hinders the government efforts to eradicate TB from the country.-APP