Marriyum slates Imran for his contradictions, double standards


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ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb has slated Imran Khan for his contradictions and double standards in demanding the disqualification of the prime minister due to the supposed unavailability of the record while on the other hand seeking exemption for himself on the same account.

Marriyum, in a statement issued here Monday, said that Imran Khan had himself admitted before the Supreme Court today that he did not have the record of his income tax returns before the sale of the London flat and despite his best efforts could not find it, begging to be exonerated in this regard.

The minister said that a person, who could not present even ten years old record of his financial transaction, was demanding record pertaining to the seventies from the Sharif family.

Expressing surprise she said that on the one hand Imran was seeking disqualification of the prime minister and punishment to his family for the unavailability of the record and on the other hand he was demanding exemption for himself for the same reason.

She said that Imran Khan could no more dupe the nation due to his own contradictions and double standards.—APP