Life lessons that one should learn from ‘Beauty and the Beast’



WEB DESK: Besides a sweet love story, the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has a lot to teach you. Apparently, the film has a romantic story but we can learn life lesson from the lives of its characters. Here are some of them.

Standing up for your morals and values

The Beauty and the Beast highlighted the era where women were required to get married regarding a financially stable future. But the Heroine of the story, Belle refused old fashioned tradition as she rejected society’s most respectable man Gaston, and did not compromise on her values by becoming one man’s trophy wife.

Your are enemy sometimes

The beast in the film portrays how his own self was responsible for curse. Due to his selfish, spoiled rotten attitude there was curse over his castle and kingdom. It took a lot of Belle’s effort to make him see on the other side of the life. But the thing is we don’t have Belle in our lives to help us and we have to get this job on our own. The key is to discover what is bothering us and what aren’t we happy and fix it.

Don’t let criticism belittle your self-worth

How to cope with criticism in a correct way was clearly be seen in the life of Belle as she was seen embracing herself. she was a book lover and was seen as an inventor in a new movie. However, she was ridiculed for being a little different than other women. However, it is totally up to you whether you let other’s words torn you or you ignore them.

Vanity is never attractive

Nothing’s horrible than a self obsessed, the one who admires only his reflection. We can find out such attribute in Gaston’s character. He said,”He wants Belle”, the most beautiful girl of town but in real, he just wants to marry himself due to his over self obsession. The women was no doubt got attracted by his charm but Belle sensed that there would be nothing beneath his good looks. Hence, learning from Gaston’s character is necessary.

What’s inside matters the most

Though the beast was horrible in many ways but he used to be a prince once and that’s what Belle found out in him after loving him for what he is, his heart melted and he turned out to be a man with a heart of gold. It is the most important lesson that everyone should pay attention to because we often strive for appearances and forgot what a person hold inside their heart.

Source: Reader’s Digest