Kamal Hassan to host Bigg Boss (Tamil), shared teaser



WEB DESK: The first Tamil version of ‘Bigg Boss’ will be hosted by very famous actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan.

Hassan, also shared first teaser of the reality on his official twitter. He post read, “Reaching more of those I love. Can’t live without people.”

The actor said in a recent interview to Times of India that,“I would say that it is the demography of the audience and the number of people you can reach that made me take this. And, of course, the money you get also matters. I am in this business for the money, and I won’t be doing films for free. What also matters is that television’s reach is fantastic because in the case of movies, you have to sell tickets, etc. So, for me, the more the merrier. Both the audience and the money is good.”


Plus, sources revealed that this Tamil version will be on larger scale. It will have 15 participants live in the Bigg Boss house for 100 days. The show will be on screens from next month.

Source: Hindustan Times