Here’s what a flight attendant observes about you ?


-flight attendant prep academy

WEB DESK: A number of people travel daily through airplanes. There must have numerous reasons for going one to another. Also, some may have important meetings to attend or others might just going for vacations. 

However, whatever the reasons are, flight attendant are always present to serve passengers. They don’t only serve you but observes as well.

Firstly, they look for whether a person is energetic or not as a flight attendant of an international airline said,“If we are greeting at the door, we notice if we are acknowledged by a smile or a returned hello.”

From luggage to helping passengers, they have to perform all the tasks as they are the part of their lives. Moreover, Flight attendants usually look for rule breakers or get in action immediately if observe anyone misbehaving. But they are equally responsible to help elderly passengers, infants or even sick or injured passengers.

-Bureau of Labor Statistics

-Bureau of Labor Statistics

The flight attendant further said it is really surprising to see choices of people regarding clothing while they travel and if you notice crew is staring you don’t it personal as it is a routine thing adding, “It’s interesting to see people sporting stilettos and complicated clothing that looks uncomfortable and impossible to adjust and remove when you need to go to the bathroom.”

They also look at passengers foot wear as “Flight attendants have this thing about covering your feet somewhat. They also look out for passengers walking around the cabin or going in to the lavatory without shoes, because we know how dirty the ground is!”

Source: Reader’s Digest