Here’s the surprising link between red plate and weight loss !!!



WEB DESK: People who are over weight or those who are just fitness junkie try almost everything to stay in shape. It is necessary for a healthy living. But spending hours and following a laborious exercise routine is not everyone’s cup of tea.  

However, there are numerous ways to lose weight and which are effective too. We you can’t ignore that one lazy person who is still not ready to follow any tip even if it requires tiniest effort.

But science has worked out for them too. Now, they will only need a red plate. Yes, having meal off a red plate can make them lose weight, reported The Daily Mail.

A professor of experimental psychology in University of Oxford, Dr Charles Spence stated,“Snack foods – unhealthy stuff on a red plate – you end up eating a little bit less because it’s that red colour on a plate where it seems to trigger some sort of danger or avoidance signal.”

According to Business Insider,What you serve food on turns out to have more of an impact on our taste and flavour perception then I think any of us realise.”

Dr Charles Spence further added in this regard that,“White plates generally have a contrasting colour to the food, so people are better able to judge the colour of the food itself rather than being influenced by the background.”

“It may also be that our brains keep track of the all the foods we’ve eaten and the sort of plates we’ve eaten them off.”

“For instance, cheese may be served on black slate and ice cream in white bowls, so we internalise those links and imagine white plates make food taste sweeter in general.”

Lastly, the author of ‘Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating’, Dr Charles Spence added,”hopes the past findings will encourage food manufacturers to add less sugar to their products while still creating the same taste experience through the colour of their packaging.”

Source: Daily Mail