Here’s the magical treatment for ugliest lice


-New Health Advisor

WEB DESK: Head lice is one of the ugliest experiences for a person. This is common in school going children. Also, head lice infestation spread rapidly into family which is even more annoying. 

In order to get rid such infestation, people usually go to any extent even shampooing hair with dangerous chemicals which are not healthy for hair.

In addition, these lice can spread by contacting with clothes, hats and even jackets. Also, keeping hair brushes and hair accessories separate is also suggested to stop further infestation.

However, there’s this magical tea tree oil, melaleuca oil available in markets. It is available in spray bottles, drops, and even in shampoos. It is favorable regarding elimination of head lice infestation.

The tea tree oil is made up of two major elements i.e., 1,8-cineole and terpinen-4-ol. Many researchers have found that 1 percent tea tree oil solution is capable of killing 100 percent head lice within 30 minutes.

Hence, go for this magical treatment if you want to get rid of lice at earliest possible.

Source: Reader’s Digest