Here’s all about life saving, useful automatic umbrella


-The Wirecutter

WEB DESK: Dressed up officially, heading to a meeting or even university, sudden rain you might don’t need. Since weather is unpredictable, keeping a umbrella is suggested especially if it’s predicted by meteorological department. 

Moreover, experts have designed an automatic umbrella, called it e-Motion as it opens and closes with a press button.

It is very easy to use as all a person need is to remove it from zipper case and simply press the up arrow button given on its handle. The Umbrella, then, open up immediately and quickly shelter you from rain.

The product weighs a pound (slightly heavy for an umbrella). It feels sturdy in hands and the fabric is substantial.

Lastly, a proprietary charging port is given and adapter is included as well. As per company’s claim it is good for almost 150 open and close operation.

Video Courtesy: Mashable