Here are tips to follow if you are an insomniac


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WEB DESK: Getting not enough sleep can influence a lot on your over health plus lack of sleep can impact on your mental health which is dangerous. Therefore, try to cure insomnia as early as possible. 

Here are some that might help you if you are an insomniac.

Following ancient routine

Nature has blessed us with a proper sleep routine which we have ruined by staying up late at night doing other stuff. Adapting sleep routine like it is supposed to be, is what helped former attorney and current health coach, Jeff Hughes with his insomnia. He had tired countless remedies and medicines but going to bed at early hours and waking up in morning was actually worked for him after months of practice.

Meditation and Melatonin

Co-author of ‘the mommy MD guide to getting your baby to sleep’, Jennifer Bright Reich, was once an insomniac which was caused by stress as she had little boys,“Ironically, when my boys were little, and didn’t sleep well, I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Then, suddenly, I couldn’t. I started to do two things: take melatonin and listen to meditation tapes. Both worked wonders.”

Keep a sleep diary

A former insomniac, Amy George shared her life changing experience which was advised by her doctor as she didn’t want to rely on medicine. She says, “Three years ago, I spent the summer seeing a sleep doctor—a psychologist, not an MD. I didn’t want to keep relying on drugs like Ambien, which is addictive, no matter what anyone tells you. She had me keep a sleep diary, so I could see that I was nodding off on the couch, when I should be going to bed! She also said something I still remember, and think of – ‘Don’t put sleep on a pedestal.’ In other words, stop making it so important. Tell yourself if you lose sleep it’s OK. You’ll still function. You’ll still get through the day. Sometimes that’s what you need to do to calm down and go to sleep.”

Invest in a new mattress

Sometimes you sleep schedule might get disturbed by the mattress you are using for years. The case was similar with a freelance writer who had to meet deadlines but her insomnia was making her frustrated. “I was struggling at work, to keep up with demands. I got up every morning desperate for more rest. The desperation drove me to seek a solution. It turns out I had to change several things I was doing to finally get that coveted full night’s sleep. I found that if I didn’t get enough exercise every day, my body was just not worn-down enough to go to sleep. I also gave up having caffeine later in the day. When I chose to restrict my caffeine consumption to nothing after 4:00 p.m.. I was able to fall asleep at the time I wanted. I changed my mattress. It was everything. I tossed and turned a lot, and was sore when I woke. I experienced low back pain, and realized that part of my insomnia was due to my inability to get comfortable.”

Note: Above article was taken from Reader’s Digest and it is for information. In severe case, an appointment with physician is recommended.