Have you heard about ‘only face gym’ before ?



WEB DESK: Not only your body but sometimes you need to make your face look slimmer. There are countless ways of face-lifting and considering it useful, a gym dedicated to face has been established. The idea of ‘only face gym’ may sounds bizarre but it is actually healthy and effective. 

It is invented in Britain, their exercises are mainly based on different kinds of massages. The massage is necessary because it improves blood circulation on face, renews cell and boots collagen production.

The concept in only face gym was generated keeping the benefits of massage in mind. These exercises lifts and lightens muscles in your face.

“Over the years I have observed that faces which have been exercised do seem to have been preserved well. If you exercise these muscles they can tighten up and give a better-looking profile,” Facial cosmetic surgeon Rajiv Grover said.

“Still, I find it hard to believe that a single ‘workout’ will make my face look much different, so I visited FaceGym. My workout begins with a ‘warm-up’, which sees a mini Pilates ball pressed to my face and neck to release tension, before the muscles are kneaded”, Grover further added. 

They, then started a cardio including swift upward whipping motions in order to let blood flow faster through my face. Next step was ‘strength training’ which was done by deep stroking that lift cheek muscles upward and worked on jawline. The over all experience was relaxing and healthy.

The idea of only face gym was bizarre but experience of Facial cosmetic surgeon make us to give it a try.

Source: Daily Mail