Have you ever thought why Queen Elizabeth II always carries purse ?


-Business Insider UK

WEB DESK: Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II always carry her purse, whether it is a social event or any visit to church. Queen always make sure to have following items such as a mirror, a lipstick, a pen, several mints, and her reading glasses in her purse while socializing. On Sundays, she also takes a couple of neatly folded bills for church donations.

However, she uses her purse for other purposes as well which Sally Bedell Smith, a royal biographer told in detail.

People don’t really realize the gestures behind such actions as they are usually done in a very carefully manner.

If while talking, her majesty shifts her purse from one hand to other it means she is done with particular conversation. Moreover, if she put her purse on the table, it indicates she wants on going event to be over within next five minutes.



During conversation, if her majesty put her purse on the floor, it means the conversation is no longer interesting and she wants to leave.

Lastly, if she found twisting her ring, it means she needs to be rescued immediately. This is surely a one dramatic gesture.

We are hoping if you ever get chance to meet her majesty, you won’t encounter above reactions from Queen Elizabeth II.

Source: Bright Side