Google to make new emojis with Android O this year


-The Independent

WEB DESK: The google has given green signal on that they are coming up with new emojis this year. 

According to Fact Co Design website, work on these emojis were in progress for one and a half year. Plus, these ones will be more user friendly.

The creative director of Google’s Material Design, Rachel Been, said,“It’s a communication issue.”

Been further revealed,“If I sent my friend the dancing woman on iOS and I’m on an Android device then I see a blob, there’s a miscommunication.”

A product manager for Android, Gus Fonts, more said,“We’re doing a full redesign of the emoji set”, adding,”We took a look at many things, but mostly the thing that’s most striking is, perhaps, that yes, the candy dots or blobs, are now substituted with a set of squishy circles-for a lot of good reasons.”

It is noteworthy here that Android O is ready to bring wide range of features besides redesigning emoji set. Also, the OS is ready to include, picture-in-Picture, notification badges, Google Chrome autofill, new home screen for Android TV, smart text selection, and background limits.

Lastly, the set of new emojis will arrive to Android Go devices. These devices will be available in 2018.