Economy has performed impressively in FY 2016-17


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The country’s economy has performed impressively during the outgoing fiscal year due to sound economic policies and continuation of reform process, this was stated in the economic survey of 2016-17, Aaj news reported.       

According to the economic survey for 2016-17, economic growth remained strong at the back of vigorous growth in agriculture and better than expected performance in services sector.

The survey states that prudent macroeconomic policies, financial discipline and a consistency and continuity in policies have started yielding positive results.

The economic fundamentals are very strong across a wide range of relevant indicators such as real GDP growth, containment of inflation, low policy rate, fiscal consolidation and increase in agriculture credit.

One of the highlights of the economic survey are the enhanced FBR revenue collections. To sustain higher revenue collection, the survey says Pakistan has taken various tax measures in order to avert tax evasion.