Does birth order really shape our personality ?


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WEB DESK: You have heard that elder ones in family are more sensible than the younger ones but is that really true or just an assumption ? Here’s what research says in this regard. 

Alfred Adler believed that the order of birth affects on child’s personality. His believe was later examined and mixed results were obtained.

A family’s older child may has some great leadership skills plus, he is more power oriented and dominant than younger ones. According to Adler, “The oldest child in the family often takes care of their siblings, which develops a stronger responsibility and caring feeling. Firstborn children also will take more initiative.” 

The younger ones, opposite to the firstborn child, have entirely different personality. They are usually over protected by their parents and being a younger one, older siblings do take care of them too. Also, they are more motivated and socially developed.

However, the middle children are more suited in between these two types personality-wise. The older ones are more pace-setter hence they influence and make middle children more ambitious. Also, the middle ones are more careful about everything.

Whereas the case is entirely different for the only child as they don’t have much competition and they are over pampered as well. They always have full attention of their parents. As per Adler, “Only children tend to get dependent on other people and are usually more self-centered.” But research says, “Though they are nervous but perfectionists in any field are often only children who never thinks to stop achieving their goals.”

Lastly, to figure out intelligence levels, a research has been done on more than 20,000 people by two German universities for 18 years across Europe and US, and the results showed older children have higher IQ levels than younger ones.