Do you find grocery shopping tiring and time taking ? find out solution here


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WEB DESK: Grocery shopping is extremely tiring and time taking on weekends. Sometime it gets so annoying that people prefer to leave the store as quick as possible. 

Check out the sales before you shop Yeulet Yeule

If you prefer to save money, make it habit to check on sales before heading towards grocery shopping. It is effective and budget friendly idea for us. Also, the domestic CEO Amanda Thomas at Quick and Dirty Tips shares a creative tip that,“If I go onto the store’s website and see that chicken breasts are on sale, I can come up with a few recipes that use those two meats.”

Itemize your list by category Yeulet Yeulet

How cool if you prepared the list already before stepping into the store. It is even more better to organize those lists item wise. You can make group of items like meat, fish, dairy and frozen items separately. It will save your time too. A contributor at LifeHacker, Thorin Klosowski adds,“You’re also more likely to grab items you don’t need when you backtrack because you also get exposed to advertising twice,”adding, “That bag of cookies might not have looked good on the first pass, but the second time around it might end up in your cart.”

Get the timing right

These stores are shoulder to shoulder packed on weekends and sometimes on Monday evenings. Hence, you need to find an appropriate day and time. If you prefer empty store, avoid going in there on Weekends and wait for a week to begin and then plan your trip to the store.

Pick the right checkout lane



After quick shopping, all a person wants to find checkout lane. You should go the lane with a person with one cart instead of four people holding baskets. As greeting, payment and farewell of four people takes more time than person with one cart, The New York Times reported.

Consider online purchases for non-perishables

You might prefer to order toiletries and other non perishable foods online in order to save some money and time. A shopper and writer at LifeHacker points out, “A few deliveries he purchases through Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program, which delivers grocery items to your door.”