Counter-Strike: Global Offensive News


We will talk about CS: GO teams and how they will present themselves at ECS 3 (European Championship Series) after the ESL Pro League Season 5. As many of you know, the tournament season has begun, and there is not enough information regarding the teams that will be playing or the possible outcome.

So, get your bets ready, your favorite streaming platform on standby, don’t forget your drinks and food and let’s start with some before and after comparisons.

ECS the Qualifying Stage

This season was great from the very beginning. We are looking more and more at Mousesports team because we think they will do a great job at ECS 3. The German team is a tie with Astralis, another excellent team.

Even so, if we look at the kill-death ratio, strategies and other statistics, we will say that Mousesports will most likely outperform Astralis in the future.

Even Ninjas in Pyjamas made an impressive performance because of the hard work they’ve put out in the last couple of years. But after a few defeats, they seem a little bit unsure. We think they will have a tough time in the future matches.

And at last, we have the cream of CS GO, Virtus Pro, Team Dignitas and Fnatic. They all have a couple of victories here and there, but only Fnatic has four matches played. In other words, Fnatichas great chances of winning.

The north-American team Cloud9 has the same win-loss ratio as Counter Logic Gaming, but Cloud9 have better statistics overall. We will see if these statistics are just numbers in the upcoming matches.

The weakest team here is Ghost Gaming with only defeats. They had ten matches, and they were beaten in every one of them. Let’s hope they will snap out of it and show us their real performance.

The qualification phase will last until the 8 th of June, and only the first four teams will go to the finals. The finals will take place in London, between 23 and 25 June with a prize pool of 750,000 dollars.

What Team Do You Root For?

Many Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans root for Cloud9 or SK Gaming. We would love to see a Virtus Pro winning the finals. If not, we hope to see a three out of five matches between Fnatic and Virtus Pro. Those are the type of eSportsthat matches you wouldn’t want to miss. These CSGO titans have a lot to show us, and we are waiting with anticipation.

As for who might win this tournament, we are leaning towards Fanatic. While we love Virtus Pro and we would like to see them winning this tournament, they haven’t been playing with the same intensity in the last couple of months. Let’s hope that we are wrong and they will get back on track.

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