There should be no politics on Dawn Leaks issue after its amicable settlement: Nisar


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ISLAMABAD: The condition of NOC for visit to Gilgit-Baltistan by tourists has been withdrawn.

This was announced by Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan at a news conference.

He, however, said diplomats, International NGOs, research workers and project related foreigners working in Gilgit-Baltistan would require security clearance before visiting the region.

The Minister, while giving saliant features of decisions taken during high level meetings at the Ministry for two days, said in all 353,000 Computerized National Identity Cards (NICs) were blocked.  Of them, 174,000 cards of confirmed aliens are being cancelled but they will have the right to appeal.

These also include 3500 of those who voluntarily surrendered their Pakistani citizenship.

He said of the cancelled identity cards, ten thousand were those who had registered themselves as Afghans.

The Interior Minister said 156,440 identity cards have temporarily been unblocked.

They would be permanently unblocked if the holders provide solid proof to NADRA.

Ch. Nisar Ali Khan announced that in future no national identity card would be blocked on suspicion or lack of documentation.

He said holders of such cards would be served notices and afforded an opportunity to disprove contention of NADRA.

The Interior Minister said the crime of illegal human organ transplant has been included in FIA schedule and the agency would proactively work against the menace during the next few weeks.

He said the Government is also being asked to include the crime of food adulteration in the schedule of FIA.  In the first stage, imported food would be checked at importer and distributor level by FIA to ensure these items are not expired or injurious to health.

In the second stage, ordinary food items would also be brought into the domain of the FIA.

The Minister said a seminar, to be attended by all stakeholders, would be organized to draw up recommendations to deal with the problem of radiation by communication towers in populated areas.

The Minister for Interior said Khanani and Kalia Company transferred one hundred billion rupees abroad in just three years from 2005 to 2008.

He said FIA has unearthed 1.4 million transactions carried out during this period.

He said as a result of efforts of FIA, about 2.5 billion rupees of petroleum levy has been recovered from petroleum companies.

Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said preparations are underway for issuance of red warrants for Altaf Hussain through Interpol before 15th of next month. He said there is a strong legal aspect of the case.

Replying to questions about Dawn Leaks, the Minister said the issue has been settled amicably and there should be no politics over the matter.

He said there were differences over procedural matters, which have been taken care of.

The Minister said a committee probed the matter and the Government did not intervene in its work.

He said the Army wanted implementation of the recommendations of the committee in letter and spirit, which has been done.

He said civil-military relationship is a sensitive issue and we should not play with the security of the country.

He said our enemy wants civil-military confrontation and therefore, there was dire need for harmony and coordination between civil and military.—Radio Pakistan