‘Complete poetess’: Nasira Zuberi praised, honored at book launch


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Pakistan’s eminence poetess and famed journalist Nasira Zuberi’s book, Teesra Qadam, was launched at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) on Saturday evening.

The event kick started with renowned Journalist Kashif Raza, who described the traits that Nasira possessed: kind-hearted and down to earth. He shared his experience where he had to work as her subordinate for some time.

Secondly, Mubashir Zaidi ‘man of 100 words’ praised the poetess for highlighting the sensitive verses where she bemoaned the untamed social scenes in Karachi.

The president of the Karachi Union of Journalists (Barna Group), Hassan Mansoor and former Karachi Press Club president and poet Fazil Jamili recalled praised the metrical sense of Nasira.

Former Karachi Press Club secretary Allauddin Khanzada said, “Nasira is a complete poetess.”

The chairperson of the Urdu Advancement Board and a prominent poetess, Dr Fatima Hassan, commended Nasira’s talent by stating that Teesra Qadam further cemented Nasira’s legacy.

Mehtab Rashdi, member of provisional assembly (MPA) representing Pakistan Muslim League (Functional) recited one of Nasira’s verses, which was heavily praised by those in attendance.

The event was concluded by chief guest, journalist Anwar Shaoor, who described Nasira as few of the capable poetess who have their full grasp on every aspect of poetry.

Nasira herself recited few handpicked poems from her collection, proving why her poetry is widely appreciated.