Common things that were invented for totally different purpose


WEB DESK: Have you ever wondered who invented tea bag? or other common thing that we use on daily basis ? Also, it is said that they were invented for the different purpose but we are using them for entirely diverse purpose. 


-Nutrition Andrea

-Nutrition Andrea

It wasn’t designed for heating meal at all but a Raytheon employee, engineer Percy Spencer, was testing a radar equipment and meanwhile a chocolate bar in his pocket melted. He then, did an experiment with corns, they popped and this way microwave was being invented.

Tea bags

Back in 1904, a tea and coffee importer, Thomas Sullivan, decided to sell his tea in a unique way by pouring it into silk bags. But later, brewing tea in the porous bags turned out to be more convenient. The idea got huge popularity after its sales reached higher.


-Mother Nature Network

-Mother Nature Network

In the mid of 19th century, the British chemist Robert Chesebrough did some research on waxy substance that accumulated in the oil rig pumps and he found it useful. Back then, it was used for numerous purposes from curing wound to cleaning carpets.




Earlier in Mesopotamia only wealthy people used to have pillows as they were the sign of wealth. In ancient China, it was a concept that soft pillows were not effective while hard ones made of jade, wood, bronze, or bamboo were great, gave strength and protect from demons.

High heels

-Reader's Digest

-Reader’s Digest

High heels portrayed status of high officials back in Ancient Egypt. They used to wore high heels for religious rituals. Butchers use to wear them as well to avoid stepping on blood. And in medieval Europe, heels were symbol of privilege aristocracy. Now wearing high heels is a common thing.

Source: Bright Side