Common headache could be dangerous, don’t ignore it!!!!


-Medical News Today

WEB DESK: Headache is common and it is often occurred due to tiredness or if a person won’t sleep properly.  Many people find not taking required amount of caffeine through out the day a cause behind it but whatever the reason, do not ignore common headache. 

Your head is throbbing 

Migraines are estimated around 6% in men and 18% in women and this pain is undoubtedly severe. Isha Gupta, a neurologist explains,”Severe migraines can be described as intense throbbing or pounding sensations, with sensitivity to light or sound. Other types of severe headaches can be described as sharp stabbing pain in the face or around the eye. Some people have severe tension headache described as a band-like squeezing.” If you are going though it you shouldn’t ignore it and discuss it your doctor.

You have numbness or slurred speech 

If you are dealing with numbness with headache or you are feeling pain in the back of your head and between eyes, it is alarming and you should visit your doctor. As Dr. Gupta adds, “this condition is sometimes associated with difficulty speaking, slurred speech, difficulty thinking or understanding other people, difficulty moving your arms or legs, numbness or tingling in the body, vision changes, or face drooping.” She says that if you notice any of those side effects, it’s time to go to the emergency room, ASAP.”

You can’t concentrate
If such pain causing you forgetting things and make you unable to focus on your surrounding, do not ignore as it might link with something serious.
A headache is so bad it wakes you up 
Some headaches are not just headache but they could be brain cancers. This surely isn’t sound good but it is a fact hence, if your headache is so bad that it disturbs your sleep, go straight to your doctor.
Source: Reader’s Digest