Budget 2017-18 fulfills aspirations, expectations of stakeholders: Senate told


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The Senate resumed its session in Islamabad this morning with Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani in the chair.

Resuming debate on budget, Senator Abdul Qayyum said that the government has to keep in view various aspects like development projects, debt services, environmental hazardous, and defense expenditure in funds allocations for next fiscal year.

He stressed the need for promoting a knowledge based economy to take the country forward.

He called upon all political forces of the country to shun differences and join forces for the betterment of the country.

Taking part in the debate, Sherry Rehman said it is deficit budget which has enlarged bagging bowl.

She said current fiscal deficit has reached to ten billion dollars, the entire country has plunged into darkness due to massive load shedding, while circular debt has reached to 410 billion rupees.

Mian Ateeq said the budget does not carry any relief for the common man.

Aurangzeb Khan said that no steps have been taken in the budget for the development and progress of FATA which has badly disappointed of the tribal area.

He said interest free loans should be provided to FATA people and professional and higher education should be ensured for youth of the area.

Ayesha Raza said the budget fulfills the aspirations and expectations of all stakeholders.

She said fiscal deficit has decreased while GDP growth rate has reached 5.28 percent which is highest in last ten years. She said world financial institutions are acknowledging Pakistan’s economic turnaround due to government’s effective policies in all sectors.

She congratulated the government for presenting a balanced and people friendly budget for the next fiscal year. She said substantial relief has been provided to common man by reducing tax tariff.

Tahir Hussain Mashhadi said this budget is to facilitate rich rather than poor people of the country. He said budget documents have been prepared without taking grounds realities into consideration.

Ghous Muhammad Niazi lauded the government for presenting a good budget for next fiscal year.

He said GDP growth rate has increased to 5.25 percent, which is to positive sign for economy.

He said Pakistan’s credibility is increasing on the international level. He said foes of the country want to disrupt the path of development and progress by hatching conspiracy.

Farhat-Ullah Babar said that the budget has undermined civic and human rights of citizens as the government has placed national commission for human rights under the Ministry of Human Rights.

He said actually, they are going to strengthen the executive through budget documents.

He said no amount has been allocated for FATA, which shows government’s apathy.

Responding to Farhatullah Baber, Minister of State for Education and Training Baligh-ur-Rehman said it is incorrect that the government has not allocated any amount for FATA.

He said substantial amount has been allocated in the budget for the establishment of FATA University.

Mohsin Leghari said the government has increased credit availability for farmers through Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited which should be further enhanced to facilitate the peasant class.