‘Heroin’ recovered from PIA aircraft at Heathrow airport, confirms UK authorities


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British National Crime Agency (NCA) on Monday  confirmed the reports of recovering large stash of heroin form a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-785.

According to BBCUrdu, the passports of PIA’s flight PK-785 crew members have been confiscated after the recovery of narcotics was ‘recovered’ from the aircraft at Heathrow airport by the border security personnel.

The NCA is currently investigating the matter but no arrest has been made as of now.

Earlier, British police detained at least 14 Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) crew members, including the pilot, of a flight scheduled to travel from London to Lahore at Heathrow Airport late Monday night.

According to the British police, the crew of flight 785 from Islamabad to London was taken into custody for interrogation purposes over alleged security threats via confidential information.

However, nothing was found during the search of the crew and plane, PIA sources explained.

14 crew members were released after being detained for nearly two hours by the British authorities and sent back to the hotel reportedly.