Bombing at Afghan seminary kills chief cleric


-File Photo

A bombing at a religious school in Afghanistan’s northern Parwan province killed the chief cleric and wounded four students on Tuesday, a government official said.

Deputy governor Shah Wali Shahid said the head of the Parwan clerical council, Mawlavi Abdul Rahim Hanafi, was assassinated in the explosion.

Shahid says Hanafi was the main target of the bombing, which took place on Tuesday morning at the madressah in Charakar, the provincial capital.

It wasn’t immediately clear why the cleric was targeted and no group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.

Shahid denounced the attack as a “terrorist act”. He said an investigation is underway to determine how the bomb was brought into the classroom.

The Taliban announced the start of their spring offensive last month, threatening to step up attacks across the country.-AP