Adventurous couple tied knot atop Mount Everest!!!


WEB DESK: You may have seen many adventurous people but this couple from California created an exceptional example an adventure as they got married atop Mount Everest, crazy? right.

The couple along with their photographer, Charleton Churchill made the 17,600 ft journey to camping at Mount Everest in Nepal to experience this adventurous wedding. This pictures turned out to be breathtakingly beautiful.

“Photographing at base camp Mount Everest was unbelievable surrounded by the Himalayas,” Churchill tells Global News adding,“What I wanted to do is marry my passion for the outdoors with wedding photography and form something different.”

Ashley Schmieder and James Sissom were married on 16th March, following year, in front of Khumbu Ice-fall at the base camp.

Churchill explains through personal blog how the couple first got in touch with him last year and how they wanted to get married. Churchill’s head: “I mentioned Mt. Everest base camp, and well…here we are now,” he writes.

“Ashley’s reaction was more of excitement when I mentioned Everest to her.”

Later, they left for it as he said “I have been climbing mountains all my life, getting dirty. My dad took me in the wilderness quite often, so I love adventure.”

The photographer more revealed about his experience that shooting wasn’t always so easy: his equipment was cold, he had to keep his batteries warm and sometimes his gear wouldn’t work.

Moreover, they faced several road blocks, including frigid temperatures, sleepless nights and even food poisoning.

“The first night I didn’t sleep at all. It was rough and made it difficult for me to hike for a few days; [I] had to push through the wall I was experiencing,” he writes. “James had the Khumbu cough, which became worse and deeper the higher we ascended.”

But things looked better the next morning.

“After waking up and having a discussion with our guide, and James feeling better, he mentioned that we can get to base camp carrying oxygen, photograph a short wedding, then fly out on a helicopter,” Churchill explains.

Source: globalnews