A heroic attempt of a instructor to save skydiver’s life


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WEB DESK: A skydiver, Christopher Jones during his first solo jumping faced a panic moment but thanks to his instructor as he saved his life smartly. 

Jones was packed into a Cessna 182 along with other trainee skydivers. The plane, then, climbs through the clear sky and he was preparing himself for his first solo jump. Stay calm, he told himself again after saying the same a number of times.

As soon as plane reached to awaited 12,000 feet, a green was given to proceed flying. Jones hurriedly came towards door with another veteran parachutist Sheldon McFarlane. Moreover, Jones was protected by goggles and helmet and two parachutes (a main and a reserve). All of a sudden he felt cold air rushing into the plane. The wind was too noisy and made him unable to hear anything but his heartbeat. “I was so nervous but focused on McFarlane, who will guide me through a prescribed set of maneuvers using hand signals and radio commands via the headsets we both wear”, he added.

He further shared, “As I clambers into position, holding on tightly to a rail above the open door to brace myself, I began the pre-jump cadence I had learned: “Check in,” I said with a thumbs-up to McFarlane, indicating that he’s ready to jump.”

McFarlane with a return thumbs-up responded, OK.

“Fighting the strong buffeting winds, I looked down at the green-and-brown checkerboard pattern of the countryside. In the distance, I saw the bright blue of the Indian Ocean”, said Jones remembering his experience.

“Sky!” I shouted, indicating that I knew in which direction to jump and had gotten my balance adding, Mc­Farlane gave me another thumbs-up”, the diver revealed while praising his instructor.

Source: Reader’s Digest 

Video Courtesy: Youtube