3 Ways to stay healthy this Ramzan


WEB DESK: The holy month of Ramzan is around the corner. This times fasts will be at least 15-hour long. Here are three ways to stay health on Ramzan.

Eat healthy food during Sahar and Iftar:

Eat healthy food and avoid processed food. Having ‘Pakoras’ for Iftar sounds delicious but fried foods have all the wrong oils which push you close to heart diseases.

Same goes for Sehri. Keeps aside oily food- and introduce fruit and fiber in your diet.

Avoid the sun to stay hydrated:

Stay out of the sun. Spend the day in cool places and avoid excessive exercise. Keep your self hydrated and drink lots of water. But be careful not to drink too much water at once. Coffee and tea are to be avoided, as they can actually lead to increased thirst and dehydration. For additional energy, try drinking smoothies or fruit juice with water.

Get enough sleep: 
Balancing meals in terms of protein and carbohydrates, and eating fresh, wholesome food is important – but sleep will help your body just as much so you don’t feel dull and exhausted all day. Tiredness makes you feel low overall and quite often we then find ourselves indulging in greasy, sugary food at the end of the fasting day as compensation. Such sluggishness is less to do with the fasting itself and more to do with the lack of sleep.