What makes Norwegians happiest people across globe ?

WEB DESK: Norwegians are tagged as most happy people in world. The free education and health care are the reason that took citizens of Norway in World Happiness Report (2017). 

But the researchers have found something else which is a word. The word is Dugnad which means to take part in community work.

The word has long history and it is deeply rooted in Norway’s heritage. It is different than charitable work and people do community work voluntarily.

The work includes diverse repairing, building, cleaning, gardening around towns, or even painting. The best thing about this charitable work is authorities do not enforce it on citizens but they do it willingly. The people of Norway take part in the event largely and consider to play their role.

A citizen adds,”dugnad is a part of the national soul. It’s not really about patting ourselves on the back for doing a good deed.” It is cultural thing or ritual which evokes sense of care for society.

The event also highlights the importance of living together and creating stronger bonds by helping out each other voluntarily.

Note: This article was originally published on rd.com