What Irfan Khan says about significance of an actor’s opinion ?

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WEB DESK: The opinions of known personalities have influential impact and we can observe this whenever any well known person, whether an actor, sport star or even a politician makes a statement. It not only goes viral but gets different reactions on it too. 

The versatile actor of B-town, Irfan Khan recently spoke in this regard while being interviewed by HT Café. 

When he was asked about the significance of an actor’s opinion on diverse issues because he usually presents vocal views on relevant matters.

Khan said,”Yes, actors are soft targets. And they are not encouraged to give their opinions. Therefore, if you feel it might affect certain people, then you refrain from speaking up. But if it is helping a cause then maybe you would like to do it.”

The actor also comment on is it necessary for a known person to raise his voice regarding social issues or does it make any impact ? saying,”It would help for sure. That is why they are being shunned, because it doesn’t suit them (the opinion makers). An actor’s voice is a powerful one. It does help shape people’s opinions, but the opinion makers would not want another strong personality to counter them. So that’s why they are not encouraged.”

We appreciate the way Irfan Khan has answered such a sensitive question. More, the well known name of Bollywood is currently busy with ‘Hindi Medium’ staring Pakistan actress Saba Qamar in lead role.

Source: Hindustan Times