PARTLY FACETIOUS: Maryam undisputed heir of Nawaz

“Did you hear Ivanka Trump is now an advisor to the US President?”

“Yes, and need I remind you that her advisory role does not postdate her dad’s electoral victory last year and his inauguration as the President.”


“It’s those jealous of the position of the First Daughter, but I ask you, is it so untoward for an adult daughter to advise her dad?”

“OK, but when a dad holds the highest executive position in a country, a position by dint of being elected, then surely transparency and accountability…”

“Transparency and accountability be damned. I mean the fact is that the First Daughter, an adult First Daughter, can, if she wishes and if the dad trusts her, play an important role in her father’s administration.”

“But Ivanka was a fashion model and ran a clothing business…how in the world would her experience and qualifications help her dad govern?” “She was a successful model, and a successful business woman, she knows what the business community wants…” “OK, so what is Maryam Nawaz good at?”

“I think the question is whether she would accept to become her dad’s advisor? In Pakistan, advisors are a dime a dozen and are appointed for services delivered that may or may not be kosher.” “Be respectful you silly. Maryam Nawaz is the undisputed, need I emphasize this, undisputed heir of her dad.”

“His sons have some assets… and the word some is kind of relative if you know what I mean.” “Hey silly, she is the trustee of all assets, trustee as a word that no doubt is linguistically linked to trust and trust trumps all; and you can use the capital t for Trump – and all you liberal Americans and Pakistanis eat your heart out. The First Daughters are here to stay.”


“Is Shahbaz Sharif the trustee of any of the UK held assets?”

“The division of moneys…”

“Is he or isn’t he?”

“Hmmm, you should have been a lawyer, maybe you can still join Khosa’s practice he after all is credited with a hat trick…”

“I hate hats, never worn one ever, and I am not into tricks…”

“Your English makes me think you passed the chartered accountancy exam from London.”

“Don’t be facetious.”

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