Model-turned-actress Angela confuses Hrithik Roshan

WEB DESK: Rumor in B-town about handsome actors and charismatic actresses is not something new and these famous people know how to tackle them without being rude.

Something similar has observed recently as well when a  Polish-Spanish model-turned-actress Angela Krislinski, praised the handsome hunk of Bollywood, Hrithick Roshan.

Krislinski, while talking to DNA, said, “I consider Hrithik a mentor and keep him informed. I showed him a song from my last south release, Size Zero and he liked it immensely. Later, I even sent him the first look and trailer of my upcoming film Rogue and he was impressed.”

However, after reading the report, Roshan responded politely as he asked who she is? and why she is lying?

Lastly, it is not the first time that a well known actor from B-town has faced such confused situation. We have seen actors and actresses dealing with such link ups professionally.

Source: Indian Express