Mikaal’s ex-wife Sara smartly answers managing children, work after divorce

WEB DESK: Getting divorced is indeed a traumatic experience and it requires an extra ordinary strength to go through it. Also, ending a relation is neither easy for woman nor for a man. 

But the strongest ones build themselves even after such horrible phase of life. Recently we reported shocking Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sara Bhatti’s divorce.

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And now his ex-wife Sara Bhatti who is also a working woman shared how she is managing children and work after divorce in a detailed Facebook post.

Bhatti also mentioned that her inbox was flooded with divorce related questions: How did you get over and heal after the breakup? and How do you manage your children and work? and now she’s addressing the second one.

At the end, she encouraged others to share what they are going through as their story may enable other people about it is possible to survive through pain.

The couple got married six years back and they have two beautiful daughters.